Research Interests

Organizational Economics, Banking, Financial Intermediation, Labor Economics, Emerging Markets, Networks


Review of Financial Studies (2019)
    (with Vikrant Vig

Experience of Communal Conflicts and Inter-group Lending
Journal of Political Economy, (2020)
    (with Ray Fisman, Arkodipta Sarkar, and Vikrant Vig)

Working Papers

    R&R Journal of Finance (2nd Round)

    EFMA Best PhD Paper Award, MFA Outstanding Paper Award

    (with Bernardus van Doornik, Dimas Fazio, and David Schoenherr)
    R&R Review of Financial Studies    

    (with Bernardus van Doornik and David Schoenherr

    Banco Central do Brasil Award for Best Working Paper in Economics

    (with Dimas Fazio, Thiago Silva)

    NSE Best Paper Award at ISB Summer Research Conference

    (with Jennifer Dlugosz, Yong Kyu Gam and Radhakrishnan Gopalan)

Work in Progress

Mobility Constraints and Labor Market Outcomes -- Evidence from Credit Lotteries 
    (with Bernardus van Doornik, Armando Gomes, and David Schoenherr)

    EMEA Best Paper Award (IWFSAS 2018 Conference)

Organizational Design of Risk Management (with Rajesh Chandy, Ahmed Tahoun, and Vikrant Vig)